Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pretty as a Picture (so here they are)

Here's the Christmas Rose bag. (and quoting SpongeBob...) Yes of course it's on the tree, you silly.
Isn't it cute?

Here's a (very fuzzy) pic of Katie's spinning and my knitting. Left to right: rather scratchy but very nicely spun wool, ditto for the next tiny little hanks, then a little swatch of the yarn from the hanks. Then at the other end of the feel scale, WE HAVE A 100% ANGORA YARN. OMG is it ever soft. The wool (fleece? fur? or just angora?) was a gift from a friend, who raises rabbits and knows KT spins.

All the spinning is from a long time ago, but she recently brought it out again. The amazing thing is that it's so beautiful, but all of it was spun on a drop spindle. Well actually that ball of wool on the far left was wheel-spun, but come on, I think she was about 9 or 10 when she spun all this stuff. Isn't that just so cool? I always wanted her to teach me how to drop-spindle-spin, now that she's brought all the stuff out again, she probably will. She spins so nicely, beautiful thick-and-thin stuff.

And here is a cute little crocheted poncho (sorry Jessica) for Anna. It's RH Super Saver in Cherry Red. I am debating whether to call it "Diamondback Poncho" or "Basketball Hoop Poncho". You can tell why. Sort of. The picture sort of hides the diamond pattern look. But it's very cute.

I also would like to show you how festive K and A are. Anna and I made this and she put it up between their rooms.

Merry Christmas!


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