Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh, my gosh

Sorry I haven't posted. I haven't been able to get to the computer at all this week, and now I'm in a hotel room, on my laptop, with wireless internet, in LA. Not to mention the fact that I don't have a camera with me.

OK...Xmas knitting (more...yag), sweater unraveling, book recieving, etc, etc all happened in the last week.

1. Xmas Kuh-nitting
Like I said, (gah) I don't have a digicam w/me at the moment, so you will have to settle for words until Tues.
1st thing finished...I made a beeeeeeeautiful scarf for a friend of mine (who just so happens to be about seventy-something). It's made with Red Heart Plush in Light Berry and RH Foxy in some color that's just bout the exact same, but variegated (did that make sense?)
*updated* I gave it to her yesterday. She loved it!!!
Next...I made a minimini Christmas Rose bag as a gift for another friend. Probably it's only big enough to hold her cell phone and some loose cash, but she's only twelve. For those of you who have Handknit Holidays, (by Melanie Falick) here are my mods.

I used Red Heart Super Saver in Hunter Green (MC) and Cherry Red (CC) with size US5 dpns. Both the yarns were leftovers from other projects, and the needles were all I had free, so obviously I didn't get gauge. I couldn't check it anyway b/c I forgot where I had put the ruler (which turned up eventually...). As you can see, it was an extremely 'freelance' project. I only casted on 40 sts (two chart reps) so it would be small (it's for a twelve year old, it's probably only big enough to hold her cell phone and some loose change). For the part where the patt says k2MC, p2CC, I only did that for 3 rnds to make it shorter. I also did less rows whenever it said "work 2/3 rows MC", otherwise it would have been way too long. I did one pattern repeat, and then for the base, I decreased 4 times per rnd, so it ended up having a squarish base. I'm fine with that. I fingerknitted the ties to make it go faster, and all in all, it turned out pretty cute (and very small).
(BTW, this was copied off the Handknit Holidays blog, b/c I am so tired.)

2. Sweater Unraveling
I didn't unravel the crazy sweater because I realized it was basically 5 strands of thread knitted like yarn. I did, however, unravel a pink sweater, which I had been meaning to do anyway. I did a sleeve really quickly because I needed the yarn. The rest of the sweater followed shortly after, except for the back, which I kept b/c it was so soft. I'll probably find something to do with it. The rest of the yarn that I didn't use will be a Christmas gift for my sister. :) I did get before and after pix.

3. Book Recieving
Yesterday morning Handknit Holidays and Last Minute Knitted Gifts arrived. All I will say is, HH is probably now my fav. knitting book. It is so wonderful. I have several projects in line. LMKG is good, too. I got it mainly for the Hourglass Sweater patt, but all the others are wonderful, too.

Well that's all folks. I'm tired from being in a car (passenging?) for eight hours to get to LA. Even though that was yesterday I'm tired. I'm going to bed....bye-bye.


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