Monday, December 05, 2005

Fluffy Stuff

My latest FOs are all fluffy. Go figure.
First, this.

The olive green scarf for Mama. The picture doesn't really give you the right color, but w-e.
Yarn: A "Light'n'Lofty" lookalike
Needles: US15 (make for a quick knit...approx 2.5 hrs) Boye *cough*

And then these.

The scarf for Magda (aka Maggie, Mag, MiniMag [because she's two and tiny], Magazine [yes, sometimes I do call her that }:)], or Magdalena, her real name) in supersoft Bernat Lu Lu, and the fleecy facecloth for Grammy (aka Grahndmothuh or POCGHG).
Yarn: I already told you. Don't you people pay attention? OK, it's supersoft Bernat Lu Lu.
Needles: US9 and US I/9 (the scarf is crocheted) Boye *more coughs*
Here's the second picture. Although it still has crappy quality. Sorry about that. And neither of them have the right colors...that reddish-pink is really lighter than it appears. And it's just the way the facecloth is laid out that makes it look uneven.

This pink stuff is so fleecy and soft! Even though Bernat is "cheap", I've seen almost exact replicas of Lu Lu. And the stuff is a lot cheaper than getting the "better" brand from the LYS. Anyhoo, I really do love LU LU. (Why is it two words? Plus 'Lu' isn't even a word anyway.) Must get more. Must get more. Or something.
You know, the funny thing is, I have a sweater from Wal*Mart that appears to be made from Lu Lu, with two strands held together. Makes sense, because W*M (and no, that is NOT Waste Management) always has cheap stuff, as in not expensive, not as in crappy, and the LL is cheap there.

And somehow, the PBAB still does not work, yet everything else I just posted did. Go figure. Again.

Since I'm sick (probably from staying up knitting this stuff), I guess that's all.


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