Thursday, December 01, 2005

As promised, the next post

I got some pictures and thought I'd show you my Christmas knitting etc.

Kirsten and Violet, modeling their clothes. Yes they're dolls. They don't care whether they know about their Xmas presents. The clothes are actually for Anna, anyway. You can't really give presents to dolls. But Anna, being a human, and their owner, can receive these lovely outfits. Well actually, the blue skirt is crocheted by Katie, and is owned by not quite an outfit... And the "natural colors" outfit with the black boots is for Kirsten and Samie (well that's how Anna spells it, I would say Sammi, and BTW that's her hair on the left side of the pic) to split. And the sweater is actually even. It's just a bad picture.
I think I'm happiest with the sweater and the boots...they turned out best, despite the fact that I was totally making the boots up as I went along. (I used another of Violet's sweaters as a model for the pink and blue sweater. In fact, the sweater I used was handknit, I could tell. But I can't figure out who would have handknit it, since it came with her from the factory, or wherever she was made.)

The "natural colors" are SO acrylic. That yarn is the most acrylicky acrylic I have ever seen. Well except for this one 8oz skein which was for sale for 50 cents. It was so acrylic that you could have probably knit a Rubbermaid out of it and it wouldn't leak. Yikers. But, that's what you get in a "super assortment" (although there was wool in the assortment as well. And the pretty two-strand pink and blue that Vi is happily modeling came from the same assortment, as well as my Holiday Sweater. So ya can't really complain.)

And here is Violet trying to model Kylie's scarf. Lookin good, Vi. Kylie is a human, my best friend to be exact. The scarf is a long strip of garter stitch on 12 sts with size 15 needles. The yarn is worsted weight, but kind of thick, I would call it heavy worsted or aran, so it produces a lacyish scarf. It's 3" by approx 38-43". I live in California. It's not meant to be a warm scarf. It's very pretty though (even having been knit with Red <3).

Well crud. none of the other photos I tried will come up. I'll try again in another post, in a few minutes.


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