Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lemme see if it works now

crud. it doesn't. Well I'll just have to say the other pictures, until they work.

So yesterday I went to Knitterly and bought Katie a skein of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush, in colorway #107. so go here. This stuff is incredibly cheap and incredibly soft. Well if I'd waited until today, I'd have been smarter and not have bought it yet. Why? you ask? I just won a $200 gift certificate to Knitterly, from a Chicks With Sticks knitting contest - make a knitted square, 7x9", and the most creative one wins. All squares get donated to Warm Up America. Mine was a green background with i-cord knitting needles that were 'knitting' a sampler scarf thingamajig with all sorts of stitch patterns on it. Lisa (a judge, I guess) called today. Yaaay!

And my holiday sweater - I'm sweating to finish it by Christmas. I'm almost finished with the back, so I still have to knit, hm, the front, the left sleeve, and the right sleeve. Don't think I can do it. But I'll try. It has a stripe patt I made up, with two different colors. It goes like this: 6rMC, 2rCC, 2rMC, 6rCC, 2rMC, 2rCC, r being rows. The yarn is nice, I think it's an acrylic/wool blend. But it's very soft and has a pearly sheen. It's in two different shades of blue, but together, the more blue-green-aqua one makes the softer one look almost lavender. Which it's not. But that's okay.
***Update*** I've started the front (which obviously means I've finshed the back).

Anyway, I will be done saying my Xmas stuff.

I can't wait for KSH! and Touch Me! And Debbie Bliss!! Yaay! For free!


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