Saturday, December 03, 2005

My Revised Christmas Knitting List

Here it was before:
KT: Lacy Pullover* in blue speckled
Anna: Outfits for K,S,V in various colors
Me: Holiday Sweater* in aqua and lavender-blue
Mama: Scarf in olive green
Maggie**: Holiday Sweater*
Grammy: 3 facecloths*** in pink and green (her favorite colors)
Grandad: Ribbed scarf in brown (his favorite color)
Kylie: Lacy Pullover* w/beaded skulls on sleeves in black (yes, her favorite color...or non-color)
As you know, this is way way too much knitting (4 sweaters!?!?! Even though two are in sz US15s, the other two are in US5s!) for me to tackle.

KT: Some nice yarn from Knitterly (aka PBAB seen, I mean said, in last post [and hopefully will be seen in next] and maybe Touch Me or some nice sock yarn--she's been knitting a lot of socks lately w/worsted weight b/c that's all she has.)
Anna: One article of clothing each for K,S,V and one boot each for S,K.
Me: Still the Holiday Sweater.
Mama: Still the scarf in olive green (which I finished last night, BTW)
Maggie: I'll make her a scarf in supersoft Bernat Lu Lu, and see if I can finish the HS for her bday in Feb.
Grammy: One facecloth *** (finished the night before last.)
Grandad: I think I'll just buy him a scarf.
Kylie: You've seen her present. You know what it is.

I'll try posting pictures from another computer - IT STILL DOES NOT WORK ON THIS ONE. And blogs are SO boring without pictures.

*My own patterns
**The cute lil toddler at my church
***will be wrapped up w/some nice soap


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