Monday, December 05, 2005

The Percentage Bars

Here is what the cool fonts looked like. I just recreated them.
Holiday Sweater
My Christmas Knitting (Xmas knitting in general)
Lacy Pullover size 14
Holiday Sweater size 2
And on the back burner...
Dulann Socks
But of course the actual bars are javascript so I can't post them. And anyone who doesn't have java won't be able to see the bars anyway. So I think you should get it here. That said...I'm going to take my temperature.
*Disclaimer*: Some fonts used here are not on most computers. So what comes out looking like Arial is a font you don't have. Poor you :(
OK I took my temperature...
Photoshop tidbit...One of the designer's names is matt wormley.
*Update* I have recreated the whole bar things (it wasn't actually that hard). Blogger SHOULD update it soon. Of course all fellow Blogger users know this is not going to least any time soon.
And another *disclaimer* I'm too lazy to re paste the html of the different cool fonts, and right here in the window it just looks like 'font'. don't blame me if it doesn't turn out right. (although i think it will, somehow...but you just can't tell.) and if they're still a cool font but all the same or something, that's not how they are supposed to be. And another *disclaimer* Blogger is doing something with the font sizes. Sorry if it turns out all wacky, which I know it will. RRR.
**Second update** I hate blogger even more now, every single blogger blog I try to look at (including my own) says 'page cannot be displayed'. RRR. and there's not s'posed to be an outage or anything like that. This lasts for oh, three hours, then gets back to normal. w-e. P.S. I plan to knit a mini sweater from Weekend Knitting tonight. Don't ask me why. It just appealed to me.


At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Glad the percent bars worked out for you and that you were able to modify them pretty easily. I like that you calculate out your progress to two decimal places! :)

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Yeah... I thought that gave it an 'interesting' tough. :)


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