Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The following items are all from stash. Except for the cardboard.
Here is my new sweater.

I am sorry this is such a crappy pic...
Pattern: Turtleneck Egg Cozy from Weekend Knitting
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted in (hm lemme get the ball band, ok I'm back) Roasted Coffee
Needles: US5 Boye (*cough* I only have one pair of nice needles so I always use Boye because that's what I have)
Mods: I had a smaller gauge (5.5 sts/in instead of 4 sts/in, but that was good b/c I didn't want a very big sweater) so I had knit shorter lengths, obviously. I also only did a crew neck instead of a turtleneck. I also made bell sleeves to make it more 'girly'.
When I blocked it, I used cardboard. Stupid. Never ever do this...this is how it came out.

(That stuff on the bottom right is where I poked in all the pins after the sweater was done blocking.)
Here is a pic of all my latest stashbusting, minus the two minisweaters I made (I also made one in Sept. for Anna's teeny knitted doll Aria, using my own pattern with green and cream stripes).
Oh jeez. I just sent the pic of the rest all the rest to ther blog w/ didn't work like I thought it would. Hmph.

Explanation: The sock is my first Dulann sock, which is also my first sock, which I didn't have a pattern for. Seeing as I didn't have a pattern, it looks a little short in the foot, but other than that I think it came out fine. The new pink scarf is for Justina...I cranked it out last night. Literally. The thing behind it is what I used to make it...a barbie knitter. It works very well and I'm happy with the finished product.
Everything else I'm sure you know. Not that anyone reads this blog anyway.


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