Monday, December 25, 2006


So. It's Christmas, and everyone's done opening their gifts. (Except Anna, who refuses to open her calendar until New Year.) And I'm....
done with the rainbow socks for Anna (9).
done with a pink and yellow purse for Justina (6).
done with a pink and purple purse for Maggie (3).
done with decorating a metal purse for Gini (6).
with presents.
i got a lot of stuff i like, and my sisters did too. anna loves the rainbow socks even though i think they're kind of hideous. but they're lorna's :) i'll take pictures!

meyy christmas! happy hanukkah! happy kwanzaa! if i've left anyone out, happy holidays!
sorry this is a short post. i'll update again later :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

oh wow

after one of my last comments (which reads: apply online for credit card, online credit card approval, online credit card application, online credit card, credit card online, chase credit card online, citibank credit card online, accept credit card online, online credit card processing, online credit card payment, instant online approval credit card, chase credit card online payment, credit card application online, accept credit card payment online, credit card offer online, shell credit card account online, aspire credit card online, pay chase credit card online, citibank credit card philippine online, verizon credit card account online,........and a lot more crap) i've decided to turn on comment moderation. i hope nobody minds.

i finally used my cashmerino! i made a little scarf-lette thing (it's maybe two feet long). it's fat and ribbed and short and i love it. pics coming soon :D
no other progress though. i've decided to take on my wips one at a time. first on the list are anna's rainbow socks, which i want to be done for xmas. i knit the first one in about a week, so that shouldn't be a problem. pics for this one also coming soon. :D yay.

Friday, December 01, 2006


I'm back...actually a little more than back....but here's my update. No pictures yet. They'll come soon...I hope...but you know me.

Black fishnets: none. I finished the one, and haven't started the other yet. Actually I'm not sure why the progress bar says 53%. I guess I'll go change that now.
Okay, I'm back. And I just realized that I did in fact start the second. I guess I'll go fix the progress bar again.
I'm not knitting these partly because I'm really not enjoying knitting with Fixation, and partly because I was kidding myself that I didn't know where SnB Nation was. But I know it's in my backpack, so scratch that. I also just don't like stretchy yarns. Whatever.

Garter stitch cowl: not too much. I realize I've never posted a picture of that, but that's ok. It's just expanses of black acrylic garter stitch. Not too hard to imagine. I have no clue when I'm going to finish this. Whatever.

Hedera: I'm still on the first sock. Actually still on the heel decreases. I feel really crappy about that because it was my Amazing Lace project. I thought knitting with Trekking would be great, but I realize now that I picked the wrong yarn for a lace sock. Whatever.

Sew? I Knit! along: I have not done anything for this kal. I don't know why. I like to sew. Whatever.

Stashbusters: Whatever.

Right now, I think I'm kind of burned-out on knitting. Hopefully soon I'll realize that I miss it and come back. For now, though, I'm not really knitting at all.

Other news: Today is my first blogiversary! *yay me!*
Also, I'm getting into photography. And by photography, I don't mean the cruddy pictures I took when we first got our new camera. I'm using my mom's old film Canon Rebel (I would use digital, but I would want a really nice digital camera, like, you know, with the big lens and all the options and stuff, but those are pretty expensive) and some of the pictures I took on Tuesday are actually kind of nice! yay! :)

So... I hope I'll start posting regularly. By the way, I posted 20 times last December, 10 times in July, once in September.......I'm pathetic.

On that lovely note, I conclude my lovely update.