Monday, December 11, 2006

oh wow

after one of my last comments (which reads: apply online for credit card, online credit card approval, online credit card application, online credit card, credit card online, chase credit card online, citibank credit card online, accept credit card online, online credit card processing, online credit card payment, instant online approval credit card, chase credit card online payment, credit card application online, accept credit card payment online, credit card offer online, shell credit card account online, aspire credit card online, pay chase credit card online, citibank credit card philippine online, verizon credit card account online,........and a lot more crap) i've decided to turn on comment moderation. i hope nobody minds.

i finally used my cashmerino! i made a little scarf-lette thing (it's maybe two feet long). it's fat and ribbed and short and i love it. pics coming soon :D
no other progress though. i've decided to take on my wips one at a time. first on the list are anna's rainbow socks, which i want to be done for xmas. i knit the first one in about a week, so that shouldn't be a problem. pics for this one also coming soon. :D yay.


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