Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bad Blogger

That's me.
You could also try KAL Slacker.
Or Weird Name Anagram person.

I was playing with an anagram generator...and apparently an anagram of my name is "LEG OIL IN MY ZIT". (Kylie is KIDNEYS YE ILL, which is funny b/c her dad had kidney cancer or something like that.)


(Actually, I don't have a zit.)

I'm like, 2 inches from the toe on Hedera...still the *first* sock....I've been working on this dang thing since early June...

I've making plain toe up ribbed socks for Anna with her LL. I finished the first (and they're knee socks) in like a week. They're seriously knitting themselves.

No progress on the fishnets....

Less than a week left on SP8. I'm hoping we can get our last package in on time.


At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Bad blogger for inspiring me to spend 20 minutes of Very Important Work Time looking at anagrams of my name!


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