Saturday, June 03, 2006


Currently wanting:
Mason-Dixon Knitting. They had it at Costco, and I managed to leaf through it before we had to go. And it was only $19 instead of the retail price of $30, but I didn't have any money. (Even if I did, it would have gone to my "iPod fund".)

A finished FBS.

Lorna's Laces! Koigu! STR! Sock yarn in general! (Speaking of, I'm returning the pretty red Opal yarn I got a few weeks ago because of this. I looked on the label and it said "Made in South Africa." It made me feel sick.)

The new BMFA website. When will it go up? I know, they've put up new colorways and stuff, but...I'm impatient...

Oh yeah, and an iPod (either nano or mini), which is currently at the top of my "must have" list. (The list doesn't include knitting stuff. Currently, LL is at the top of my must-have knitting list.)


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