Monday, January 02, 2006

Coming Along...

I'm still working on my Christmas Rose bag 'cause I didn't get to all yesterday.

Here is some intended 2006 knitting...
First up on the list is
Rogue. As soon as I pick out my yarn I'll be off. I've just joined the Rogue-Along so I'm ready.
Handknit Holidays stuff: I'm going to get some
Plymouth Dreambaby 4-Ply for the Vintage Gloves. I really didn't feel like spending $20, so instead, I'll spend $8. Works for me.
I also want to try the Triangle Scarf. With some old
LB Jamie last night, I tried a mini version, and realized just how much of a genius pattern it really is. (I knew it was a genius pattern before, I just didn't realize quite how much.)
Blu--If I didn't want to make Rogue so badly, this would be first on the list. As soon as I get my gift certificate, I'm going to go to Knitterly and get my yarn. And start making it the same day. And be so zealous that I'll finish the same day. make things a LITTLE bit more realistic, the next day. :)
Hopeful--this one's a maybe. I want to try it out, and I will if a find a cheap, good yarn. Maybe Plymouth Suri Merino, which is pretty cheap but still all natural fibers, or even better, Plymouth Encore, which is cheaper, has more yardage, and is still 25% wool. Reynolds Saucy is even more inexpensive and is all cotton, which would make for a nice summer top. Although of course the yarn should be more elastic than cotton. The sucker is I don't know how many balls I'll need of any yarn until I buy the pattern. RRR.
Clapotis is also a maybe...possibly in Reynolds Saucy? I don't need anything warm so cotton is fine with me. Or Plymouth Encore. I guess maybe those are my favorite cheap substitute yarns...because I don't want to spend $90.
That's not all I've been thinking about...but it's all I can remember. I hate when that happens. I guess I'll update this post when I do remember.

Oh, and add one more thing to my knitting wrap up: Thumbless Baby Mittens: 1 pair.


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