Monday, February 20, 2006

To Do

Let's see...

1. Buy more yarn for Rogue and finish the first, and start and finish the second sleeve. I just ran out of the second skein. (Yes you heard me. Second skein. Simply soft has like 400 yards.) Six dollar sweater.
2. Sockapaloooza socks in Color Your Own, which should be arriving soon.
3. Red-Hot-Sizzling-Socks in Sock Garden in Zinnia, which also should be arriving soon. (Yeah. I placed an order on knitpicks and didn't tell my blog. :P!)
4. Pink log cabin socks for Anna. She asked for them right after I finished mine. Maybe I'm a little overdue.
5. Pink tank top with Sugar'n Cream. I'm planning to make two sizes, 2-4 and 6 in the pink, and variegated S'nC, and (cc2) yellow Lion Cotton, and buy two more balls of S'nC in more "grown up" colors to make size 8.
6. Finish the mini Ruffles and lacy scarf.
7. Get an etsy shop for the Three Sisters, and put stuff in it. (FUN!) (edit: at least getting the shop is checked off. now we just have to put stuff in it. more later.)
8. Design more stuff for The Three Sisters' knitting book. (IMPORTANT.)
9. Make a baby sweater for Anna's friend Emilia's baby brother, the cutest baby on earth (or close to it). His first birthday is in two months and I think I'll make the placket neck sweater from LMKG.
10. Make fuzzy socks for Kylie in Lu Lu. Also overdue.
11. Make a second Rogue in the 35.5" size and make sure my gauge is RIGHT not one full stitch off. (I WANT to make a Rogue that actually fits. I LOVE Rogue.)
12. Make Mariah but with a square collar and continous braid on the sleeves. (Not important right now, but it's such a cute design.)

Will be posting later.

BTW, I took some pictures of the rogue progress but I haven't put them on the computer. Will do later. :)


At 9:27 AM, Blogger Katie said...

Yep. Time to make a todo list for me too. bye...


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