Friday, January 27, 2006


I haven't posted in a while.
I ordered Knitting the Easy Way and Scarf Style from Barnes and Noble last week. They arrived yesterday :D. I recommend Knitting the Easy Way (a lesser known book....I don't think I really need to recommend Scarf Style) cuz' it's got pretty cool patterns. I want to make Backyard Leaves (Annie Modesitt) and the Blue Collar (Teva Durham) from Scarf Style. I'm not sure what I want to make from KTEW.

I bought Caron Simply Soft for Rogue a few days ago. It's got gauge, so now I just need to modify it to fit a ten-year-old (that's what size I'm making it in).

The Jaywalkers are progressing. I'm almost to the toe with the second sock. Of course I'm doing my fave "custom-fit" toe - that's that one where I try it on every couple rounds and decide how I want it to fit. This process, of course, involves multiple lifelines.

Remember when I posted about finding all the turn of the century magazines? Katie's making hundred year old recipes from it. A week or two ago, she made coconut cake; tonight we're eating gingersnap/molasses cookies.

I wonder when I'll get my Sockapaloooza buddy info.

That'll be all for now.


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Katie said...

i like your crappish post. Oh, and those books are absolutely wonderful. what to buy for me, what to buy for me. Oh yeah, Mariah yarn. Duh. Bye bye, 35 bux. Have fun making Rogue, and good luck! and your jaywalkers are PRETTY!!!!!!!!!! You did SUCH the best job on them!


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